International Speech Competition & Evaluation Contest
Division M Contest
Division M Contest will be held on 21st April 2013 at the Esplanade hotel in Bray.
Area 5 Competition Results
International Speech Competition: 1st Place: Paddy Lavelle. 2nd Place : Mary Burnham, 3rd Place John Keating.
Evalaution Competition: 1st Place Barbara Moynihan, 2nd Place: John Conlon, 3rd Place: Lynda Molly
Dunlaoghaire Club Competitions
International Speech Competition results: 1st Place: John Keating, 2nd Place: Mary Burnham
Evaluation Competition Results: 1st Place : Barbara Moynihan, 2nd Place: Ronan Mc Guirk
Club International Speech Competition participants :
Club International Evaluation Competition participants :