One of the roles filled at Toastmasters meetings is that of Poet / Joke master. This participant reads a poem or tells a joke at the start of the meeting, in order to "warm up" the meeting participants.

While it's not necessary to write your own poem or joke, some members have taken it upon themselves to do so when filling this role! A selection of the poetry eminating from our club is below; -

Stephen James Smith
Something I remember
sitting on his knee
him playing piano
me mesmerised
this is one of my first memories
a good one
a change of key
only he sold that piano
without telling me
he could play a tune though
sure he hit a few bum notes
like us all
like the melody of his life
no singing
saying things aren't his forte
makes sense in some way .....
...and I wonder
why was the hardest thing I ever did
simply telling you I love you?
why does this chord still strike in me
as a man
why did I wait till I was nearly home
and out the door of the car
to speak these words age 27?
to save face
to save your embarressment
and I haven't said it since
Im just standing here
saying it again
I'm just standing here
speaking to you
I'm just standing here
looking for another piano
Delivered by Marie Kirker on 18th February 2013
from Three Men Talking about Things They Kinda Know About



LONE Flower, hemmed in with snows and white as they
But hardier far, once more I see thee bend
Thy forehead, as if fearful to offend,
Like an unbidden guest. Though day by day,
Storms, sallying from the mountain-tops, waylay
The rising sun, and on the plains descend;
Yet art thou welcome, welcome as a friend
Whose zeal outruns his promise! Blue-eyed May
Shall soon behold this border thickly set
With bright jonquils, their odours lavishing
On the soft west-wind and his frolic peers;
Nor will I then thy modest grace forget,
Chaste Snowdrop, venturous harbinger of Spring,
And pensive monitor of fleeting years!

Delivered by John Keating on 18th January 2010
Ode to the Wordmaster

Many words flow from the tongue,
without a second thought.
Others sink deep, and will your heart affect,
Stirring emotions of joy, or to that effect.
To prove my point, let me declare,
My brain in engulfed with Misandre...
A Ha!   You men are squirming now!
Don't Deny it, I espy it!
But please let me assuage your fears,
That was just a play on words my dears.

I'm sure by now that clinquant penny dropped,
I wrote this poem for your Kaizen,
And if I've not used your word by now,
don't get all spoony, don't muckrake me,
It's just because...
I was not here!
Emma F

(The inspiration here was to use all the words from the Wordmasters of the 2008/2009 year in a single poem!)